How Can I See YouTube Dislikes?

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How can I see YouTube dislikes?

YouTube dislikes are a great way to gauge how your content is performing, both for yourself and your audience. They’re an invaluable tool to help you determine which videos aren’t resonating with your audience and which ones might be worth rewatching.

Unfortunately, you can’t see YouTube dislikes from the video page itself, but there are a few workarounds to get them back. This guide will walk you through the process of restoring dislikes in YouTube using a desktop browser extension.

Google Chrome

How can I see YouTube dislikes?

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, you might be wondering how to see the dislike numbers on a video that you’ve made. Fortunately, there are third-party tools that can help you track the number of thumbs down on your videos.

For Google Chrome users, there’s a simple browser extension that will show the dislikes count for any video on YouTube. The extension called ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ is free to use and has picked up a lot of positive reviews in the Chrome Web Store since it was launched.

The way this extension works is that it uses data from YouTube’s API to keep an up-to-date database of the number of dislikes on a particular video. The more users use it, the more accurate the data will become. As such, this is a very useful tool for marketers on YouTube.

Mozilla Firefox

If you’re a content creator or a viewer, it can be helpful to see YouTube dislikes. They’re a great way to see how people feel about a video, or if a particular tutorial is really useful for viewers.

However, a recent report by Mozilla found that these dislike and “not interested” buttons do little to prevent unwanted videos from showing up in YouTube’s recommendations. That’s despite the fact that YouTube encourages users to use them.

The report was based on data from Mozilla’s RegretsReporter tool, which tracks how YouTube’s algorithms impact users who choose to block videos from their watch history or ignore them via the Dislike or Not Interested button. It found that even after these tools were used, a dispiriting 67% of rejected videos resurfaced on participants’ recommended feeds.

To see the number of dislikes on a YouTube video, simply visit the page where the video is hosted. Underneath the video player, you’ll see the likes and dislikes count represented by thumbs up and thumbs down icons respectively. Clicking on the thumbs down icon will reveal the exact number of dislikes that the video has received. It’s important to note, however, that the exact number may not always be visible if the creator chooses to hide the dislike count.

While dislikes can sometimes feel discouraging, they are a natural part of YouTube and are simply an indication of viewer feedback. In fact, they can even help content creators improve their videos by understanding what viewers didn’t like about the content. Ultimately, it’s more important to focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your audience rather than worrying about the number of dislikes on your videos. If you want to buy youtube dislikes, that is, if you want to attract followers with the dislike button, you should contact the sites that are used specifically for this. A little trick is enough to make your videos more attractive.

‘Return YouTube Dislike’ Extension

To help users see YouTube dislikes, there’s an extension called ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ that works on Google Chrome and other browsers. It estimates dislike counts based on archived data, user behavior, and previous video views.

While it’s not perfect, it’s accurate enough to use for analysis purposes. Tech YouTube channel LinusTechTips compared its own numbers with the estimated ones from the extension and found that they were mostly correct.

Currently, the tool is available on the Chrome Web Store and has a five-star rating with over 14,000 reviews. It’s compatible with most browsers, including Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave.

However, the number of YouTube videos the extension can estimate is limited. In addition, there are some cases where the estimated dislike count for a video are significantly higher than their actual numbers.

Google Analytics

How can I see YouTube dislikes?

YouTube dislikes are a great way to get feedback on your content and gauge what topics are working for others. It can also help you compare yourself against your competitors and find out what is resonating with your audience.

YouTube hid the public dislike counter back in 2021 to protect creators from malicious users who would mass-dislike their videos for the purpose of hurting their reputation. However, it’s still possible to see how many people dislike a video using a roundabout way, such as a Chrome extension that lets you view likes/dislikes ratio bars for any videos you want to check out.

The dislike ratio on videos is a valuable indicator of quality, especially when it comes to tutorials and educational material. Seeing the numbers on these videos can be an effective way to improve your content and make it more popular.

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